Agendas & Minutes

2018 August CES Committee Meeting

Summary of Items
  • CES Committee 6-Month Work Plan
    • CES Staff Priorities
      • Dynamic Prioritization
      • Progressive Conferencing
      • Referral Outcmes
      • System Mapping
    • Additional Topics & Priorities from CES Members
  • Updates
    • HUD TA Request
    • Quarterly CES Stakeholders Meeting

NOFA Input Session: August 1

Summary of Items
  • Planning Project Application Background & Education
    • Administrative Entity & CoC Roles & Responsibilities
    • Eligible Planning Costs
  • FY2017 Planning Project
    • Line Item Descriptions & Budget
    • Data Hub Detail
  • FY2018 Application
    • SSF Plan
    • Member Input

2018 July Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • FY 2018 Scoring Tool Amendment & Additional Policies
  • FY 2018 NOFA
    • Updates and Schedule
    • CoC Application & New Planning Grant Plan for CoC
    • Advisory Board Engagement
    • CoC Advisory Board Annual Business Cycle
  • Veteran’s Affordable Bond Briefing
  • Care Transition Update
  • No Place Like Home

2018 July CES Evaluation Committee Meeting

Summary of Items
  • Introduction to the HUD CES Self-Assessment
  • Review CES Planning and Access

2018 July HMIS & Data Committee

Summary of Items
  • Staffing Update
    • HMIS Administrator
    • Data Analyst
  • Privacy and Security Plan
    • Review of changes discussed at last meeting
    • Approval of Plan
  • Data Quality Reporting
    • Creation of new dashboards
    • Discussion of Timeliness of Data Standards
  • Review of Yearly HMIS recertification Quiz Draft
  • Review of Yearly Security Audit Checklist
  • HUD Reports
    • Point in Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory (HIC) Chart – Submitted

NOFA Input Session: August 15th

Summary of Items
  • FY2017-FY2018 CoC Application Part 4A Matrix Overview
  • CoC Application Part 4A Member Input
  • FY2018 Planning Project Application Update

NOFA Input Session: August 8

Summary of Items
  • FY2018 vs. FY2017: Comparison – Same, Similar, New
  • Member Input
    • Content
    • Partners to Engage
    • Other Input
  • Establishing CoC Discharge Policies

2018 June Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • Introduction of SSF Interim CEO
  • Governance Committee Slate and Scope of Work
  • CES Evaluation Committee Appointments
  • Family Unification Program Funding Opportunity
  • FY 2017 Planning Grant Presentation
  • Care Transitions Planning Updates

2018 May Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • Performance Review Committee New Member Appointment
  • Convene Ad Hoc Governance Committee
  • CES Evaluation Committee Meeting
  • Lived Experience Seat for Household with Children
  • Care Transitions

2018 April Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • New Member Appointment: Individuals with Lived Experience
  • CES Evaluation Committee Slate
  • Performance Review Committee Structure and Recruitment
  • FY 2018 NOFA Review and Rank Tools
  • Youth Appendix to the Strategic Plan

2018 March CoC Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • Performance Review Committee – FY 2018 NOFA Competition Policies
  • Rapid Rehousing Performance Target – Length of Stay
  • Homeless Youth Task Force Request – Addendum to Strategic Plan
  • Coordinated Entry System Evaluation Committee Structure
  • Future of Advisory Board Committees
  • Sacramento Steps Forward Retreat Report Back

2018 February CoC Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • New and Renewing Membership Slate
  • 2018 Executive Committee Slate
  • Data Analytics and Research Presentation
  • RRH Performance Measurement
  • SSF Board Retreat Report Back

2018 January CoC Advisory Board Meeting

Summary of Items
  • CoC Chair Report
  • SSF CEO Report
  • Coordinated Entry System Compliance: Recommended Policies & Updates
  • Performance Review Committee: FY2018 NOFA Competition Process and Timeline Revisions
  • Draft System Map for Review