HMIS and Data Committee

Meeting Schedule:
Upon Call of the Chair

Meeting Location:
Zoom Meetings Until Further Notice


Erica Plumb and Jameson Parker


With assistance from the HMIS Lead Agency, the HMIS and Data Committee is responsible for carrying out responsibilities of the Sacramento CoC Governance Charter, Part II. C., including,

  • Ensuring HMIS is operated in compliance with HUD;
  • Reviewing local reports to HUD to ensure accuracy;
  • Ensuring accurate, timely and comprehensive data is available to inform Sacramento CoC activities;
  • Reviewing and recommending changes to the Sacramento CoC Board on privacy, security, and data quality plans consistent with HUD regulations and notices;
  • Developing and regularly reviewing HMIS policies and procedures materials; and
  • Assisting in the evaluation of the HMIS Lead, as requested by the Sacramento CoC Board.