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Outreach Navigator – Meadowview

A SSF Homeless Outreach Worker (SSF Outreach) is a personal advocate for homeless clients.  They assist clients with navigating systems of care and accessing housing and services. The Meadowview Navigator will work alongside shelter referral staff to assist clients getting into the Meadowview Navigation Center (Meadowview Shelter).

The incumbent in this position is responsible for working in partnership with the County of Sacramento’s homeless provider agencies, law enforcement officers, behavioral health providers and other social service agencies, specifically south Sacramento organizations. The incumbent conducts Continuum of Care Coordinated Assessments (VI-SPDAT, shelter survey, etc.), provides clients with resource information and guides/assists clients in accessing services and other benefits unique to the homeless population. The goal of the Meadowview Navigator is to locate and assist unsheltered female-identifying clients staying in the Meadowview and south Sacramento neighborhoods with accessing shelter and other resources.

The full job description can be found here: Outreach Navigator – Meadowview

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